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What is Shamanic Healing

In the shamanic perspective, true healing — spiritual healing — cannot be done on a physical level. Healing means to return to wholeness, and returning to wholeness is purely an inside job. Spiritual healing addresses the root — the spiritual — problems that cause dis-ease.

From a shamanic point of view, the source of all things is Spirit. In a healing, the shaman journeys to the source of the illness or disharmony, in the spirit realm, and effects a change there so that healing can occur here. This means that the shaman is bringing energy back from the spirit world to put it were it belongs in the physical world, or removing energy from the physical world and returning it to were it belongs in the spirit world.

Shamanic healing is a path for restoring joy and meaning to life for people who suffer the ills of contemporary life: stress, the sense that life has no meaning, and the unfulfilled desire to affect the lives of others. New life skills enable you to fully participate in your contemporary life while remaining connected to spirit in a daily way.

It is useful for:

  • Treating chronic mental, emotional or physical pain

  • Treat depression

  • Remove addictions

  • Greater ability to create desired life changes

  • Increased vitality and power

  • Expanded sense of wholeness and well-being

  • Stronger connection to spiritual source and soul purpose

  • Strengthened immune system

  • Remove energy blocks

  • Correct chakra imbalances

  • Cleanse your energy (luminous) body

  • Break old patterns – remove the “magnets” that draw the same situations to your life

  • Understand the root cause behind physical illness and heal it

  • Heal emotional trauma and conditioning from childhood

  • Heal deep emotional trauma and conditioning from sexual abuse

  • Heal emotional pain and patterns from relationships

  • Heal trauma and conditioning from past lives (whether you believe in them or not!)

  • Remove the negative effects or restrictions of past lives

  • Remove energy attachments and assist them on their way home

  • Heal yourself, your ancestors and future generations