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London, United Kingdom

Livon Yeow

London, United Kingdom
Modalities: Life Coaching , Reiki
Language: English
Consultation Fees: 130 USD/hr

My Story

TESTIMONIALS: "Liv is a truly impactful coach, she has worked with me on creating lasting transformation in both my work and personal life. She has a natural and professional style, communicates with clarity and intuition, making her both easy and effective to work with. I highly recommend Liv is a person and a coach." - Ian Lindsay, Chief Financial Officer at Thruvision "It’s been a privilege having Livon as my coach during this last year. She always sees the invisible! Her professional coaching always gives me the support, clarity and insights to get me into action when I feel off my path and life feels challenging." - Sharon Heidaripour, Premier League Football Yoga Specialist "Liv is an amazing person to work with. She can see right through you and catch what is needed straight away from the beginning to get you where you need to go. She is fun, easy to create a safe space to express yourself in and non judgmental. Within 4 sessions she helped me step out of my comfort zone and show up braver in the world and build the clarity I was missing in order to reach my goal that set me down a path that totally transformed my life. I'm looking forward to work again with Liv in the future and get into the next stage of my career." - Vasileios Tsitsivos (UKRF Acc), Head Chef & Reiki Master “It has been a real adventure working with Liv. She has a way of combining true empathy and patience with astute observations that help you to feel motivated and challenged. The process of the coaching very much feels like you’re in it together and that she is fully invested in your time and future. Each session made me feel re-energised and more purposeful.” - Kata Armitage, Drama Teacher, Youth Coach & Reiki practitioner "“I had a great sessions with Liv! This has opened up so many doors for me! My career, life goals and most importantly, recognising my gifts and talents! Thank you so much Liv!” - KK, DJ, Make Up Artist, Chef & Creator of the High Thai pop-up project "My coaching with Liv was a such enlightening experience. I love her approach with creating personalised sessions. Weekly coaching is the key! I felt encouraged from our first session together and comfortable throughout. Liv directed me to find my own space to explore what’s important to me right now and for my future. With her professional attitude and real genuine sense to help others find their own happiness you feel like you can trust her. She is brilliant. I can’t recommend her highly enough to those who are ready to take action and just need a little encouragement and help with direction and clarity. In each session, I became clearer with my vision on what I wanted to concentrate on next, which route to take and who I want to help in my life onwards. I secured my training course for the next year and am organising my first Health retreat for the next year too. With Liv’s support I realised nothing should be left until tomorrow if it can be done today.” - Julia K, Make Up Artist, Beauty & Health Expert, Yoga Teacher “Working with Livon has been an incredible experience to have a deeper understanding of what one can take from the process of coaching both as a coachee and as a coach. She has given me a lot of value, insights and the space to find the right answers for myself. And all this has increased the quality of my life from within which has been manifested in the outer world. She has challenged me for the purpose to have breakthroughs about some limited belief systems, perceptions, ideas that were holding me back. Working with Livon has been very useful to explore and to gain more clarity about certain aspects of myself. Livon’s energy is very welcoming which made me feel that I was in a safe place to open up, a place to be vulnerable which led the coaching process to be more effective in my opinion. I would definitely recommend working with Livon.” - David, Nursery Teacher & Spiritual Coach PLEASE NOTE: I am unavailable between 8th August-3rd October and am working with 1:1 coaching clients ONLINE from Southern Africa up until 7th August and between 4th-23rd October 2019 (happy to meet clients based in Cape Town face-to-face in October). During these dates I am also offering Distance Reiki Healing and happy to split sessions, e.g. 20min Reiki, 40min Coaching, if you're interested in a combined service. PROFILE Livon is a born and bred Londoner who is happiest out in the Southern African bush and plains of Eastern Africa. She is passionate about African wildlife and keen to spend more time educating and raising awareness of conservation issues, in a way that benefits both local communities and future generations. She believes collaboration is the way forwards and much of her activities have been focused on exploring and implementing ideas with others on a similar mission ( Liv has delivered talks and workshops on the topics of Fear, Freedom, Resilience and achieving greater Alignment in work and life – the latest being to 150 teenagers at a UK school and for a creative agency in Cape Town, South Africa. In May 2019, she delivered her first TEDx Talk on ‘How to run yourSELF like a business’. As a qualified Transformational Coach she has helped individuals, from teachers to students through to Tech professionals, Business Analysts and CFOs, gain the necessary clarity, insights, support and accountability to transform both their personal and professional lives. She is also a Certified Level 3 Personal Fitness Trainer with a background in dance and a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Prior to founding LivLife BIGGER® (a brand specialising in Lifestyle, Performance and Leadership Coaching with a focus on Mind, Body and Soul alignment), Liv was a Market Research professional following a degree in International Marketing and studies in Psychology and Consumer Behaviour. The first seven years of her career was spent working with brands such as the BBC, Microsoft, Peugeot, Sony and Virgin Media – designing and managing projects and delivering strategic insights to global teams.

Topics i Cover

Work stress, Goal Setting, Personal Development & Growth, Self confidence, Success, Self-image, Communication, Boredom, Self-Appreciation, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Life Purpose, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, Self-Empowerment, Body – Mind connection, Life Purpose, Health & Well-being, Spiritual Alignment

My Favorite Quote

'There is no passion to be found playing small' - Nelson Mandela

My Offerings

1 Session 60 min/each 130 USD
5 Session 60 min/each 618 USD
10 Session 60 min/each 1,170 USD