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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Lorate Hamzeh

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Modalities: Theta Healing
Language: English, Arabic
Consultation Fees: 80 USD/hr

My Story

After finally finding the courage to get out of an abusive marriage 6 years ago, I set on my journey to rediscovering myself. I was able to find the courage to stand on my own two feet through Theta Healing. I've always been successful in my career but struggle in my personal life. Through this method, I was able to work through removing my subconscious limiting beliefs that keep me blocked from getting what I truly want. I have transformed my life entirely over the past 6 years and have become a happier, more balanced person than the old "me" could ever imagine. I wanted to share my journey and benefit others with this knowledge by becoming a certified Theta Healer, focusing mainly on Psychology, inherited traits / behaviours and traumatic childhood experiences. ThetaHealing: A gentle but effective approach to instantly reprogram limiting subconscious beliefs and blocks through your Theta brainwave. You will be taken through a relaxation technique until you achieve the Theta brainwave status. Once there, we will navigate through your subconscious mind to target and change / remove the limiting beliefs that block you from achieving your goals. Everything is done with your consent and permission - you are in full control at all times during the session. See instant changes in behaviour, feelings and mood. You will even notice the people and environment around you mirroring your changes. Degrees / Certifications: BA Psychology - The University of Western Ontario ThetaHealing Basic DNA - ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge ThetaHealing Advanced DNA - ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge ThetaHealing Dig Deeper - ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge ThetaHealing Manifesting and Abundance - ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy - ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge (require 8 extra hours to receive certificate) ThetaHealing You and Your Partner - ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge (require 3 extra hours to receive certificate)

Topics i Cover

Goal Setting, Money, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Development & Growth, Love, Loneliness, Self confidence, Jealousy, Success, Self-image, Relationship, Family conflicts, Stress, Anxiety, Life Purpose, Trauma, Self-Empowerment, Spiritual Alignment

My Favorite Quote

I found you when I found me

My Offerings

1 Session 60 min/each 80 USD
1 Session 60 min/each 80 USD
4 Session 60 min/each 288 USD