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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Amee Patel

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Modalities: Reconnective Healing
Language: English
Consultation Fees: 66 USD/hr

My Story

Hi! I am Amee Patel based in Dubai. I am fortunate to have come across many healing modalities in last 14 years . The day I held ‘The Reconnection’ book, I felt that I was home. It was my calling. Very soon, I took the first step of getting trained on Reconnective healing (Rh) and became a certified practitioner. I also learnt The Personal Reconnection. Reconnective Healing (Rh) is an established non-touch energy healing approachthat encompasses the benefits of all known techniques without any complicated steps, equipment, procedures or rituals. Rh/Distant Rh is effective and is as scientific as a cellular phone or a TV. It positively drives our physical wellbeing, mental clarity, emotional inner peace and spiritual life progress! Reconnective Healing has been confirmed and documented in more than a dozen internationalstudies . Scientists continue to explore how the Reconnective frequencies work. Rh lets a healer enjoy the freedom of who they are. This freedom allows many expressions of healing from the Universe to unfold and I have witnessed many. Many have reported what could be called “miraculous” changes in their well-being after just few sessions. I encourage people to forgo expectations and allow the frequencies to provide its healing to take place. As Dr. Eric Pearl explains, “Your healing may come in the form you anticipate. Or, it may come in a form you haven’t even dreamt of, one that the universe has designed specifically for you! “I am surprised sometimes how extra-ordinarily powerful these frequencies are and how this intelligence just knows what to do. Rh is a simple and powerful solution to bring people back to their original state of wholeness. At a physical level, I have witnessed healings in depression, chronic cough and cold, asthma, ulcerative colitis, heart related issues, knee pain, anxiety, ear pain, insomnia, eczema etc. I feel blessed to be a channel to share this evolutionary work with many people all over the world. I love sharing these frequencies and i am fascinated by the positive response I have received after the sessions.

Topics i Cover

Work stress, Health, Boredom, Stress, Anxiety, Chronic Pains, Anger, Chronic Fatigue, Grief, Life Purpose, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, Indigestion, Trauma, Detoxing, Bulimia, Mood Swings, Post-Partum Depression, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Alignment

My Favorite Quote

Healing beyond time and space

My Offerings

1 Session 60 min/each 66 USD
2 Session 60 min/each 132 USD
3 Session 60 min/each 198 USD