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Stockholm, Sweden

Marica Atta

Stockholm, Sweden
Modalities: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) , Hypnotherapy
Language: English, Swedish
Consultation Fees: 75 USD/hr

My Story

I'm a Hypnotherapist working on the root cause of your problem/issue. I will give you tools and trick that you can use in your daily life, which will empower you and through regular use will have lifechanging effects. Through the power of Hypnotherapy we will work on underlying stress, trauma, subconscious believes in order to change/be relieved/grow from inside and out. My speciality is Fertility Therapy, where I blend hypnosis with other helpful tools, a mix which has proven to be very successful.

Topics i Cover

Work stress, Money, Marriage, Parenting, Love, Health, Loneliness, Self confidence, Jealousy, Self-image, Relationship, Pregnancy, Fertility, Obesity/physical appearance, Self-Appreciation, New moms and newborn care, Stress, Anxiety, Chronic Pains, Life Purpose, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, Trauma, Sex Therapy

My Favorite Quote

You know great things are coming when everything seems to be going wrong. Old energy is clearing out for new energy to enter. Be patient.

My Offerings

1 Session 60 min/each 75 USD
5 Session 60 min/each 300 USD
10 Session 60 min/each 525 USD